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Whether you are the parent or caregiver of someone with a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or a related disability or suspect that your child or relative may have one of these disorders, information and assistance is available for you.

Caregivers are typically the first to notice the signs and symptoms. For some, differences are noticed early on in the child's development and an official diagnosis is received during the preschool years or earlier. For other families, the process of obtaining a diagnosis may take longer. Regardless of the path you have taken to arrive here, we can offer you guidance and support.

It is important to keep in mind that each individual is different and varies with respect to their abilities, intelligence, and behavior. You will likely see changes in skills and behaviors as your child matures, which will impact the type of services and interventions that are most appropriate to meet their needs over time.

Regardless of your child's age, receiving the diagnosis can often feel overwhelming, as you try to adjust to the diagnosis and seek out appropriate interventions. You are not alone in this journey; we are here to help. See below for different developmental stages in order to assist you in focusing on the services and supports that will be most helpful to you at different points in time.

For more information, email For Miami-Dade or Monroe call 305.284.6563 and for Broward call 954.262.7111.

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