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If you are the parent of a young child, you may have questions about your child’s development. Because every child develops in a unique way, it is often difficult for parents to distinguish between typical and atypical development. One way to determine if a child is developing typically is whether they are meeting developmental milestones in the areas of social, language and motor development. Concerns in meeting developmental milestones may indicate a developmental delay, or could be related to an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Some signs that may suggest the presence of an ASD include difficulty in social interaction, language and communication development, and unusual behaviors.

Sources of information for developmental milestones, as well as symptoms and behaviors that may indicate an ASD, can be found on the CDC’s Learn the Signs. Act Early. Developmental Milestones or First Signs Red Flags.

If you suspect a developmental delay or an ASD, it is important to act early. Research shows that early intervention can significantly improve outcome for children with developmental disabilities. Service agencies, such as Early Steps and the Florida Diagnostic and Learning and Resources System (FDLRS) can conduct a developmental evaluation, which will help determine if your child is eligible to receive intervention services. In addition, some families seek out private evaluations or additional therapy services. 

This is often a confusing and stressful time for families. Because each child is different, treatment should to be individualized to meet the unique needs of your child. We are here to help guide you in selecting appropriate interventions and therapies that will optimize your child’s potential.

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