Programmatic Support Team

Maria Lis De Gasperi

Office Manager

(305) 284-5263

Gabriela Day

Administrative Assistant

(305) 284-6140
Gabriela Day, B.A. is ASAC’s receptionist. She received her bachelor’s in psychology from Florida International University. She has 10 years of hospitality and customer service experience, with certifications in Social Media and Human Resources Management. She is thrilled to be a part of the team and is looking forward to...

Nataly De La Concepcion Coronel

Administrative Assistant (A)

(786) 631-3716

Elizabeth Garcia-Rivera


(305) 284-5440 x85440

Carmen Xochilt Ortega

Sr. Administrative Assistant

(305) 284-4265 x0

Kent Robert Schomber

Sr. Mail Clerk

(305) 284-3393

Michael A Gavila

File Clerk

(305) 284-5264

Thomas Alva Whitehurst, III

Office Assistant

(305) 778-7031